Ability to market your home on its own mandarin website, feature your property on the mandarin ‘WeChat’ and ‘Weibo’ social media apps, and advertise on additional international mandarin real estate platforms such as the Chinese version of REW. Using these offshore advertising strategies ensures that we draw the largest audience globally to your home!


I take pride in producing uniquely exclusive video home tours that showcase distinct elements of your home from a fresh perspective. Why present your home with a typical and standardized video tour when you can have a cinematically creative “mini commercial” of your home made, intriguing potential buyers?! Great thought and effort is put into creating your video, from distinctive music selection to the usage of aerial drone shots to showcase the bigger perspective. It’s my pleasure, and my job, to produce and leave you with a keepsake of your home to look back on for many years to come.


Professional and carefully thought out photography of your home is important. From the day of the planned photo shoot to the selection of the finalized shots, I’m there. My goal is to ensure that your home is distinctly represented with optimum photos to draw people in. Pictures can say a thousand words, as the saying goes. My creative and experienced photographers know how best to bring this saying to life for your specific home.


Your home is safer with me because I’m always there. It’s important to me that my clients know that I’m extremely hands on while selling your home and even afterwards as well. You will never have a “team member or assistant” in lieu of me in your home for open houses; you get who you hired and I will always be present when your home is being viewed! My job is to sell your home, therefore leaving your home on a lock box for other people to show does not provide the best opportunity to get your home sold, and for the highest possible price.


I always employ a professional measuring company to produce complete floor plans. The goal is to provide potential buyers with as much knowledge as possible about your property, adding an informative addition to your home’s feature brochure.


Every home is distinctive, and it’s my job to make sure that all of it’s characteristics are prominently displayed for all to see. To do this, I employ a creative branding firm to create online property pages that attract people to your home and all that it has to offer.


Leaving potential buyers with quality, multiple page feature booklets help to leave a lasting impression. I take pride in producing these booklets which combine your property’s professional photos, floor plan, as well as an informative write up unique to your home’s characteristics.


It’s a digital world out there-- that’s why it’s imperative that your home be showcased online through social media outlets like facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram. Through my creative branding firm, your home will receive high advertising exposure online, reaching a broader audience far further than typical real estate mail outs. My website provides an instant chat opportunity as well which allows people to get in touch with me immediately, providing them with prompt access to information about your home and property.